Saturday, July 30, 2011

Monovfox - Airplane At Night: 8 Movements

Please check your seatbelt. It's time to get high! Monovfox have entered your plane, and he will hijack the machine! He will transform it into a dream-machine. Please leave your fear on the ground, lean back, and enjoy the jaunt. He just wants your best, he will guide us into white pixel-clouds and towards the infinite, black sky. This nice Canadian got no bloody bombs in his bag, only lowbit synthesizer and his ancient Gameboy. 
Watching A Western Movie will remind every World Of Warcraft-Player of the Grizzly Hills-theme. My soul is melting. Nearing Dreamland's bloom can't be formed into a silly sentence. It gives you the warm, fuzzy feeling of past retro-days. I don't want to bore you with my reviews, but I can't manage to not mention the following words: PURE BEAUTY, RETRO-ENERGY, HEART-MELTING 8-BIT, LOVE, LOVE AND... LOVE.
This record is pure beauty, because it is submitting to you heart melting retro-energy, packed into lovely 8-Bit sounds and lovely HQ-strings. All right? 

Ok, Mono is also presenting some pretty delicate arranged high-bit string-pieces. The String Quartet Of The Night tracks are showing the air passengers his great talent in composing classical music. I don't know any other record that reminds me so much of Little Nemo: Dream Master on the NES, Monovfox is a night-lover, a great dreamer, and you can feel this in every single note of his night-releases. This album is skyjacking you, it will force you to dream. It will regenerate your imagination. Switch off your shitty TV. Your pineal gland is frozen! This warm music will melt the ice.
Ready To Land is my favourite track, one of the coolest music I've ever heard! I love you, Mono. I can feel this vibe! I love you for this! Thanks, brother! 

The Dream-Master at 8bc:

Monday, July 18, 2011

Infirm Individual - The Healer

This is for all the people who love Love. For all folks who like old video games and Fantasy. GUFT's seventh release is presenting you The Healer. Open your heart. Enjoy it: