Friday, June 24, 2011

The Cult Of Penn - The Beast Of...

Oh my Self! I'm soaked in awe. This is such an amazing honour for me.

I've got the permission to publish this epic underground-record over here. This, Ladies and Gentleman, is The Cult Of Penn! I remember how I got in first contact with this amazing Band, when I found the clip of Only David Icke Can Save The World on Youtube. I thought: Oh man, what the hell... these guys must be little gods. I was blown away by their fresh and inspiring style. Also the other video-clips are crunched my pineal gland into tiny crystals. I was amazed by their skill to packing great messages into innovative rock-music.

I remember a quote of mine: "The Beatles are little babies compared to you, little babies who are sucking at Mama Matrix's tits". And, yes, let's shit, piss and puke on all the rock-bands outta there. Most of them, if not 99% of all, are shitty sissies. The Cult Of Penn was the new Super-Band for me. Because they name it all. This music is grabbing the dirty demon at his bastard-horns. This band thematized no silly shit like dumb love-affairs, young bitchy girls, alcohol, cool lifestyle bullshit or idiotic tragedies of their little lives. They talk about the real stuff that is going on in this crazy world.
Stop The Torture CIA, Lizard Gods, Weird World, U Think U Know, Ask Questions!, We R All Aliens! and Tony Bliar are wake up calls, clear and frontal in your face. No jabbering, no symbolism. Just: "Wake The Fuck Up. There is a conspiracy going on. The world is not what it seems to be."
I'm so happy about the existence of The Cult Of Penn. This is really special music. From special people. For special people, I guess. 

Robert Buckle, the front-man, sold some special DVDs+CDs at his own with the Best Of the band, called "The Beast Of...". But success stayed out. I think only 4-5 pieces were sold. After I commented on many of their videos, I became a friend of Robert. We created some music together, he played guitar on my The Great Variety Of All Possibility release. I also have fabricated the Cover-design of their Best Of, you can see it above. It was, and is, a giant honour for me to met these guys. And now I'm dared to release this underrated, sunken ship of coolness. The band dissolved after the fiasco of their release. Another example what happens, if people don't care about good music. But forget this. Now it's online at our GUFT-Label. So, let's celebrate this sensational, lovely masterpiece!

We are all black, we are all white. We are all wrong, we are all right.
We are all... Aliens!
We are all gay, we are straight. We are all love, we are all hate.
We are all... Aliens! 

Hail to Robert Buckle (Guitar), Lord Ciaran D'Arcy (Vocals) and Albert Apeman (Drums). I love you!

Download the Beast Of The Cult Of Penn here:

Check out many officials videos here:

Monovfox - Meetings Along Night's Edge

Monovfox says about his own album, that the songs are pretty pretty. And, oh (Game) Boy, he is damn right. This is a 8-Bit-ish concept record about the night, the beautiful, noir side of it. "I love Nocturnes, they are so slow, every single song in this is a nocturne, I hope you enjoy them". Yes, I do, Mr Mono! Classic music in 8-Bit mode is pretty good.
The first track is difficult, because it's very experimental and raw, but that's good, he launches you into the sweet chiptune-melancholia of the second one. I love the beginning of the typical wobbling NES-sounds at 0:42, that is what I live for! Hear it! Hear it! Here:

Simple and godlike. Song number three is a soft killer, too. I love it so much. It could be one of the gentle night-soundtracks of the genius Minecraft-OST. I don't know much, but I know, that the Minecraft music is a bundle of heavenly sounds. Kudos!
The next two songs are a little bit more ruff. But the last one, Clair de Chiptune is a matchless piece of wonderful music. Rarely heard such sounds before. It could be played in the background at the FF7 scene, where Cloud and Tifa are meeting in the past at Nibelheim.

If something is reminding me of the Minecraft-music or scenes of Final Fantasy 7... it's a good indicator that something genius is going on here.

I want to use this review to say something about the feedback the visitors of this blog gave me and the presented artists until now: Shame on you! You only take, take and take. But you never give something back. These artists are giving you good music for free. You give nothing back. Monovfox, for example, created this great stuff not just for himself or for his dead computer data drive. It's for you. He want to share his genius with you. So enjoy it, for god's sake. And please write a positive comment. Otherwise he, and other brilliant musicians, will think, that no one is interested. And then he will shit on you. And that's right. Some of you are too blind to see, that an artist needs feedback and support. So you deserve a fat piece of stinky shit on your head. I'm sick of this inactivity of yours. It's a fuckin shame. Get your arse from the chair and bring life into this platform. Write a motherfuckin comment. The artists will check out the comments over here. For sure. Blogs like this are one of their life-spending organs. Can't you realize that? Even my motivation is not very high, if you don't support this damn blog. I don't want to write all this shit for thankless bastards. Give some energy back, otherwise this blog will die. Give some energy back, otherwise artists like Monovfox will quit their work. This is crazy shit. Do you want to buy your music? Is that your intention? Do you want to hear the satanic bitchboy Lady Gaga? What do you want? 

Keep the underground-scene alive. Show, that you are there. Thanks. Otherwise: Go to hell, and never visit this blog again. You are not welcome. Sorry.

Support Monovfox. He friggggggin deserves it.

Rating: 5/5 Little Dream-Masters for this awesome album.

At 8 Bit Collective:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rent A Herö - Take A Look Out Of Your Window

After reviewing and releasing all this shady noise-scat over your heads, I got another shady gift for you: A carcass of my bloody basement. A forgotten piece of crap. Perhaps four people heard this record before you. Four people on this goddamn planet. If you download it, if you listen to it... you are a very special person. I present you an old side-project of mine: Rent A Herö. I shit on genre-descriptions, but I think this 10-minute-blast must be Powernoise, right? If not, shit on it. It's powerful noise. All right. A friend of mine is very passionate about music, and he asked me, if I recorded this EP in a studio or something. That's very funny. All my music was recorded in my crazy child's room. In several residences I screamed like a dying, fat pig. My neighbours always got respect. They thought I beat my mother to death. No... I just created noise. Sorry. Yeah, this record is interesting, because not many noise-artists I know are mixing screams into the sounds. And not many noise-artists I know are mixing slow, clean passages into the crash-trash. 

I never wanted to promote my own music here on this blog, but perhaps some of you are interested in it. Also this blog was created for reviews, but I think a net-label is a good support for some people outta there.

DL: [GUFT005]

The Leechhead - Selftitled

Is it possibile to cut human bodies into pieces with acustic frequencies? I played the first released work of The Leechhead on my stereo-system some hours ago, loud, really loud. And then I heard a terrible scream in front of my opened window. I looked... and there she laid: my mailwoman was shredded into four friggin pieces! Or five? Let's say 4 1/2 pieces! Puke on my keyboard, a mangled postwoman. Leechhead! There will be a time, where you will be behind fuckin bars, my man. Be careful!

I'm proud. Why? This stuff was released first on Lo-fi Sci-fi Records as a limited edition cassette. Now we will present Leechy's debut online. You can find the file at our Label-section. Direct download here

Enjoy the harsh breathe of our mechanic universe. Zapp!

Other Leechhead noise: Static Love Party Review
Octopus Cloud: This way

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Infirm Individual - Best Of 2003-2011 (For Vast Aeons / King Lightmare)


What should I say? This is my stuff. [GUFT002] and [GUFT003] are outta there on our sweet, little GUFT-Netlabel. I decided this morning to tinker this two Best Of'z together. And now I'm done. One is covering The Dark Past (03-09) of my project Infirm Individual, it is experimental Noise and underground Grindcore - something like that. Don't get damaged, my friends. You can read something about the history of my work in the virtual bad-English-booklet. I hope you enjoy it. The other compilation contains my newest material, it's called The New Age (09-11), it is electronic music with a lot of 8-Bit-magic. I can't describe it actually. I don't know what I should say anyway, because these two releases are containing so much memories, so much of my damn blood. It's some sort of my life-work. 


1 x 34 minutes and 1 x 70 minutes of my life.

I don't want to spoil my own poo poo, but I do: This is hot underground shit, folks. Serious heart-work. Just for you. Have fun with it. I'm a little bit melancholic now. Wow. I will drink some wine now and will hug my dusty NES-Console, while hearing Burzum or Aborted.

Infirm Individual discography: Everything is free here

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - Be Like Water My Friends


I wander through the foggy woods of my own imagination. My naked body is covered with a coat of mist. After all this time I reached the door-less door. Am I really ready for this? For the No-Thing? Dreary firs watching my moves. Bulky frogs are sleeping in the underbrush - I can hear their silent screams. 
"Be like water, my friend. Be like water."
Forgotten cries and whispers are floating through the milky air. This is my end of the world. Life is just a dream. Just a foggy, illusional dream. The sounds of a dying engine are blending themselves with the humanoid noises, like a mechanical realm is dying. And, yes, it is, what it is. Everything dies. Screams, screams, screams, screams!
"Be like water, my friend. Be like water."
Villages are burning. People are living in my muddy body. Everything burns. Everyone dies. Multi-level horror scenarios inside my hiking corpse. Mechanical shrieks of a deceased matrix. Lovely brooks are transformed into blood-streams of Babylon. I can see dead whales at the edge of the brooks, their fat, rotten carcasses are singing a ghoulish melody...
"Be like water, my friend. Be like water."

It's all right. I am water. I am water. I am water. Flow with it. Just flow with everything. Everything is one. Creation is just an infinite ocean of power. I am power. I am power. I am power. Noise is all possibility. I am all possibility. I am all that is. Boundless. Immortal. The living death. I love the speaking firs, the burning villages and the whale-carcasses. They are showing me my real self. Thank you so much.


And, erm, yes. All points of the universe for you, Sean. :)


The Leechhead - Static Love Party

This is again nasty input for the noisy maniacs of us. I waked up this morning, and I just started to jump towards my laptop: "Let's hear Leechhead now! Let's hear Leechhead now!"
I'm such a dumb ass. This stuff tossed me directly into a field of scratchy frequencies, and I immediate puked my coffee on the keyboard. I discovered other releases of the leeching head Jake Price (what a cool name), and they were "normal" chiptune-modifications. But now this guy decided to make music that "was not created for your pleasure". Noise-heads will like it. It's good noise.
But it is 8 a clock in the morning! Now I got puke-balls and puke-juice on my damn laptop! Leechhead!!! You will pay for that, brother!

Some parts are pretty cool, I like the way samples and other elements were mutated into guitar-like sounds. And here and there you can find interesting moments of "mushy-meditation" - that is a status I sometimes experience by hearing records like this. You are just diving into the itchy spheres and inhale the immense beauty of polarity. The beauty of noise. The title X is one of this crazy candidates! Forget my vomit. This is a masterpiece. I bet you will see holographic angel-projections in your living-room, if you hear this nice song 333 times in a row. The Leechhead suckled my consciousness into the netherworld with this one. Bravo!

Hope we will hear new chimes by Mr. Price in the near future!

Rating: 2/2 Vampire end-bosses

This record smells like: Puke at parties, lightnings on your tongue, robot scat, worm-love, blood of beasts.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Player Two - Ready, Go!

I fell in love. Stage 2, the second song of Player Two's record, is a godly earwig! Another aspirant for the Hall Of Fame of 8-Bit-ish music! Yeah! The other titles are amazing, too, but this one is over the bloody top. Tony Gallo engraved his pixel-handwriting in the annals of videogame-inspired sounds. This is god's insiders' tip, so don't reject it, folks! "Left foot, left foot, right foot, right foot, left foot, left foot, right foot, right foot! I will keep fighting on, just as a hero should!"
Nou, nou, nou, nou, nou, nou! Nou, nou, nou, nou! Wohooo!

The vocals are grand, they are shitting lowbit-graphics in Lil Wayne's ugly face. Why? Because Tony created a superb digital way to present his lyrics: his unique, genius squeak-technique. And it sounds not like the modern Rnb-Bullshit. It's pretty cool and stylish! Check it out:


That's why I love electronic music: You can use different drumsets, however you want. You can use different "instruments", however you want. Every song can be a whole different world. Player Two knows that, and he uses this possibilities very clever. If you look for example at most of the Rock-music, you will find one boring soup of sounds. I bless geniuses like P2 for their electronic variety!
It's like the great cover-painting of this release: They are battling the mechanic, evil drones of this stupid matrix. Their weapon is the sound of love... and we will win! Bowser is just a fat, nasty reptile. Without his Lil Waynes and his zombified hordes of mind-controlled robots, he is just a filthy piece of blown up crap. Ready Go! sticks Bowser his scepter into the scaly rectum!

Love to Tony Gallo. I give you 1/1 real hero - for a real hero. :)

Released at:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Kimosabbe - Bad Vugum

Ok, my friends. I decided to open up a little netlabel-section here on GUFT. Perhaps some guys outta there want to release their output via this new underground-fortress. Hope you like the idea. Send me your stuff via! I wish us good luck, maybe the force with us. And here it is:
"When Kimosabbe were cut in half by stormy weather...bad vugum. Jesus wept and shat from his satellite cross orbiting man's hell every 666 minutes -- Fertilized by god scat the dismembered Kimocles mutated in their germination, like eyes on stalks and vines ready to viddy the end of the world."
Bad Vugum. The first official GUFT-record. And I don't know what I should write about it. This sickhead called The Blimp aka Crippledfonzzz sent it to me. I don't know why. I don't know anything. Perhaps this lunatic record switched off my 3D-braincells and morphed em into the next freaky dimension. It's a pretty heavy start for the label, because this is loony hillbilly-redneck-noise. But these banjo-picking psychopaths ate some colourful mushrooms - they reached spiritual in-correct enlightenment. They are multitating Shiva with drugged rumpus - because they are better than her! Oh man... end of the review.

In their own words: Recorded between 1995-2001 on dictaphone and 4-track in various attics surrounded by the highest concentration of psychiatric hospitals in europe...casio sk-1, free improvisation & disturbed folk for damaged gullivers.

Grockel's and Plimp's Blogspots:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

VF_DOS_ - Blue Shirts

Ok, I've just come back from a nice local, where I've drunk 3 delicious cocktails. I think it is time for the VF_DOS_ review now.

It's simple. It smells like New York City, like cafés at midnight. Modest Rock-Music!? Hmm, yes. Erm, no! Something is different with this record. It's special. The melodies are special. Everything is special. I love the cover, because it is... erm, special. Fuck AC/DC. Fuck Nickelback. I think Vin Forte is the smart, cool guy. This is just honest guitar-music with nice variety. Every track is unique and got an own atmosphere. Fresh baselines here and mellowing organs there. The music bears me away - into the godly night sky.
So, lets shit on all my words. Just download it. Upload it on your Mp3-player, and take a walk in the nocturnal streets of your damn town.

I never heard rock-music presented in such way before. Some melodies are even reminding me of old video-games: Black Gator for example. Winter In My Pocket is just cute melancholy. Union Square breaks out into a genius trumpet orchestra (or something like that). Dimetapp Dreams, yeah, it is the brilliant fellow for a walk in the nocturnal streets of your damn town. Dammit! I repeat myself.

Upload this cool record on your Mp3-player. Take a walk in the nocturnal streets of your damn town! Inhale enlightenment!
I repeat myself, right?

Cocktails are tasty.

VF_DOS_ is tasty, too. So don't be a fool, and enjoy this free music!

I spend 1/1 cup coffee for all of you. This will be a long night.
VF_DOS_ is with us.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Twilight Division - Dream Master


Lean back, start daydreaming and check out this underrated record. If you google for "The Twilight Division", you will only get 4-5 results. That's crazy. TTD released already three records on the Betamod Netlabel, but it seems to me, that nobody recognized this really. Nobody helped him to spread his great sounds. If you spend so many hours and days to create such a tender pack of music, you are tired. You release the stuff at a netlabel, and you hope people are supporting your work. You've done your part, now your "followers" should take action. Posting this stuff into a forum is no big deal. Send it forward to your friends is no big deal, too. But nobody did this shit for him. Even the comments on the netlabel page are a poor picture: Two comments for three records!? Holy shit.

What's going on with you? Posting a damn comment takes ten seconds. I think that many folks outta there are just deadened, lazy assholes, who are thinking good music falls from the sky. It's the over-stimulation we are facing in this modern world. Everywhere is damn music. Everywhere is damn art. Commercialized. Dead. It's not special anymore. It's fucked up, daily routine.
I'm a little bit angry about this. Why? The guy behind The Twilight Division pressed his damn soul into this Mp3-Files. You can feel it. Awesome, lovely, heart-juice soaked melodies vibrating on this undervalued album. Beautiful 8-Bit melodies on strong drums. Addiction makes you addicted. Submerged... wow! And The Climb ... PURE BEAUTY, TOO!

But nobody cherished this wonderful puddle of his friggin heart-blood.
Just for the info: The Twilight Divison is dead. Yes. TTD released no record since almost 4 years now.
Because you don't fuckin care!

I'm fuckin sad about this. Crazy world. Crazy, crazy world.
Perhaps this darn review changes anything. But I'm not sure... :-(


5/5 Heavy hearts, from me, for you.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Genus Inkasso / Additiv - Split EP

Two guys from Germany are here to crash some windows, to make some loud damage: Because of their electric baseball-bats no postbox is safe - burn down this sinful city, it´s all lost anyway! SMASH!

Track 01, At The Heart Of The Terminal (this fits to this damn blog, right?), starts with some funky, slow part - only to end up in a chaotic mix of speedy, punching kicks, rugged noise and dashing snares. It´s pretty rich in variety, with lots of breaks and turnarounds. No monotonous noise here! Genus Inkasso got tricky fingers, everything is arranged in a slick manner. I don´t know, how many other records he got outta there, but this are real ripe, raw fruits we've got here. Great use of samples, by the way!
Track 02, It´s Expensive And It Can Kill You, by Additiv, begins with flipping, harsh noise, continues with innovative drumming and pumping brawling rhythms - I think the workers at the car compactor near my house have danced to this bunch of wild vibrations like short-circuited robots - and it ends with... flipping, harsh noise. Right! Cocaine is not cheap shit.
Track 03, A Very Slippery Slope, is the last track of Inkasso, and it is just an old, broken machine for ping-pong-balls. You can hear the screams of dying Japanese people here. It´s over with your sport, dudes. Industrial feeling. Spooky parts. Catchy cadences. A little pinch of AMZ. I love the last two minutes, can´t depict it really, please check it out yourself.
Track 04 is the last track. Tenderfuk shows the true genius of Additiv. Cold, sharp mechanical screams are visiting your stomach, wubble bobble kicks are shaking your anus. Diversified, ruthless. The break in the middle of the song is sheer amazing. You must hear this at your own.
Intelligent, elaborate noise, staged by a talented bloke. That´s all I can write.

Everybody who wants hard electro-music will like this record, and should promote this pile of din.

Rating: 4/4 Metal Mechs are yours!

DL the twisted metal:
Released at:

-[]ype - Aboard

The infamous orbital-glider -[]ype is hovering through the black board of the cosmos - coming back from an important and dangerous mission on Planet Zuul. It´s time to get back home now, the crew is making the last preparations...

[Captain Cosmotic]: Is everything all right with the plasma-impetus-batons, Mr. Zudnikk?
[Navigator Zudnikk]: Sir, yes, Sir! They got the right temperature!
[Captain Cosmotic]: Superb, my friend. Isn´t it great to travel through the wide, wonderful space? What a lovely day. And look at the Saggitarius-surfers at the left. I was like them, when I was young...
[Navigator Zudnikk]: We will reach Base number 64 in some minutes, Sir.
[Navigator Zamal]: In exactly 5 minutes!
[Navigator Zudnikk]: Fuck, yeah, in 5 Minutes...
[Captain Cosmotic]: Perfect, my glorious comrades!
[Commander Hobor]: We´ve passed the checkpoint, Captain. All systems are scanned, everything is fine. Hyperholopads at Level 2. Taking course on C G X H B M. Everything´s fine, Sir.
[Captain Cosmotic]: ...Fine like a tasty, dizzy drink at Smiffy´s Star Maidens! Can´t we visit this lovely pub before we trigger our base?
[Commander Hobor]: Erm, no Sir. The Council Of The Seven Sunbursts Of Chutul is waiting for our cargo. That´s important, Captain.
[Captain Cosmotic]: How boring!

[Repairman Rusty]: CAPTAIN! CAPTAIN!!!
[Captain Cosmotic]: What the hell? Yeah? What´s going on, Rusty?
[Repairman Rusty]: There is some obscure, horrible creature in the storage room!
[Captain Cosmotic]: ...and your mother is Jabba Tha Hutt. Don´t fool me, boy!
[Captain Cosmotic]: WHAT?!
[Repairman Rusty]: FAST! FAST! GET YOUR GUNS!
[Captain Cosmotic]: Let´s go, comrades. We will blast this alien-ass out of our gorgeous galaxy.

*bang* *bang* *bang*

[Unkown Entity]: Wuahhahaa!
[Commander Hobor]: We can´t damage this awful, transparent beast!
[Captain Cosmotic]: And it can´t damage us, right, Commander?
[Lieutenant Lippo]: It seems so!
[Unkown Entity]: D4mn, Hum4n5... 1 w1ll s3nd u 2 h3ll...
[Captain Cosmotic]: WHAT?!
[Unkown Entity]: H4ck. H4ck. H4ck.
[Commander Hobor]: What is this damn ghost talking about?
[Lieutenant Lippo]: Oh no... it´s some of the virtual ticks from Planet Schultukk, I think!!!
[Captain Cosmotic]: That means...?
[Lieutenant Lippo]: He will dock on our board-computer and will create massive chaos.
[Unkown Entity]: H4444CK. H4444CK!
[Captain Cosmotic]: Can´t we call the fuckin Ghostbusters?
[Lieutenant Lippo]: They are on vacation for some days, Sir.
[Captain Cosmotic]: Ah... all right.

[Navigator Zudnikk]: He is eating our data!
[Captain Cosmotic]: I want to eat some Slime-Burgers at McCybernaut.
[Navigator Zudnikk]: That is not funny, Captain. There is a chance of fatal damage. If he destroys our control-system, we are lost.
[Navigator Zamal]: We are now at the peak of the orbit´s iceberg, Captain. If we are plunge down now, we will get smashed on some planet like a dirty ball of intergalactic trash, Sir.
[Captain Cosmotic]: Oh, nice.
[Navigator Zamal]: There! There! He is really hacking the control-mechanisms!
[Navigator Zudnikk]: Holy hell!

*Shhh* *Shhh* *Shhh*

[Navigator Zamal]: Captain, we are falling!
[Navigator Zudnikk]: WE ARE FALLING!!!!
[Navigator Zamal]: Entering Earth´s atmosphere in 10 seconds...
[Navigator Zudnikk]: 9 seconds...
[Navigator Zamal]: 8 seconds...
[Navigator Zudnikk]: 7 seconds...
[Captain Cosmotic]: We are entering what?
[Navigator Zudnikk]: The Earth´s atmosphere, Captain!
[Captain Cosmotic]: The earth?
[Navigator Zamal]: 4 seconds...
[Navigator Zudnikk]: Yes, Sir.
[Captain Cosmotic]: Please not the Earth! Only dumb-asses are living there! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....
[Navigator Zamal]: 1 second...


1/1 Millenium Falcon for this crazy, fast space-trip through the dimension of squeezed NES-circuits. I salute you, Captain Timothy Doerr!

Neuro-Cybernetic Netlabel:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Various Artists — Equilibrium

It´s hard to explain my feelings. 
This is beyond all words that have ever existed.

This compilation is the heaven. If your melancholic retro-heart beats for The Legend Of Zelda: Links Awakening on Game Boy, if your Nintendo-soul is hungry for this warm Japano-RPG-feeling, if you just want a lovely blast from the past: This is your place. Right here, right now: Equilibrium. Various talented Artists have pounded their cardiaczzz out of their pixelated chest to make you happy. Don´t despise this present - download this record and experience a journey to the land of your deepest longings.

I quote someone who commented at the Ubiktune page about this masterpiece:
"You guys did it again. The musicianship on here is seriously among the best in the world. I don't even think this is hyperbole. What you guys have done with these simple and fundamental tones can almost bring a tear to the eye. I am very thankful to be a part of a community where music like this is made, and distributed for free."- NorrinRadd22
Kulor, Blitz Lunar, Velathnos, nq\skrju, C-jeff, RushJet1, Tony Thai, FearofDark and surasshu created a timeless 8-Bit masterwork, that touches my pneuma like the beginning-scene in Chrono Trigger, when you wake up in your room, and this fuckin sweet music begins to play. 
Sorry, I don´t want to be hysteric. But:


Don´t miss this one. We should celebrate this like a memorial stone of the NES-Era.
Pure beauty, pure creativity, pure fantasy, pure love, pure everything.
Like a burning sword of passionate Lowbit-Love into your pineal gland.

Have a great time with this one, folks. Holy hell. Pure Beauty!
I think Terranigma is saved in my soul forever.

Subterrestrial - Conspiracy Music

Spiders are crawling over my hand. In the weak light of a candle I can see ugly ghosts, who are mocking me - they want my tormented soul. I show them the middle-finger and I snap the fuckin spiders against the wall. Weaving spiders come not here! And demons should go to their own shitty dimension! Go to hell. I want to hear music now. And I click...

But, damn, this record is the perfect soundtrack for a midnight-meal at the graveyard! Now there are hundreds of shimmy ghosts around me, and a big spider-gang is visiting my shocked face. A dramatic roar is shaking my chakra-system. Like a deep demon-voice the vibrating creature is dancing an occult, slow rhythm.
This is not what I wanted! Oh, hell, no! What is happening?
This record is dark, loomy stuff. But why?

Because our world is bloody dark!

Most of the people hate spiders. Most of the people don´t believe in demons.
But the sad truth is: Humanity is wrapped up in a big cobweb, and we are sucked out by hungry demons.
If you are brave enough to inhale these rough facts, you are ready to download this amazing trip to the dark side of the... world.

Subterrestrial makes Conspiracy Music, and I´m grateful for that. Tracks like The Bohemian Grove, Black Helicopters and Illuminati are covering important themes. Themes everybody should know about, because they are going on in front of our ignorant nose. Humanity: Wake up!

Rating: A great release, with lot of sensitivity for incredible atmospheres. I give 13/13 All-Seeing-Eye-Heads! Yeah! 

Conspiracy Music
Click on the pyramid to reach the enlightened Zip.File!

This album sounds like: Visiting Vlad Dracul´s lovely basement vault. Taking part of a secret Freemason-ceremony at full-moon. Drinking a cup of black tea at Angela Merkel´s creepy mansion, or drinking cow-blood instead of cherry-soda. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Obsolète Broadcast Système - Negociation

This digital bastard is an interesting negotiation: To speak about the goddamn stock market, solid beats are meeting retro-synthies for dinner. And, folks, it looks like a harsh crisis!

I don´t know why, but most of the parts of this record are reminding me playing Sim City on the Nintendo Entertainment System while eating salami-sandwiches.
The masterpiece The Other Revolution is already a classic for me, it´s like the Giana Sisters are dancing on the top of the Swiss Alps. Just brilliant. Give it a try. Retro-Feeling at its best.


There are only three tracks with 8 minutes overall playing-time. So don´t pussyfoot, download this record, and give yourself a quick shot of pure 80s-Computer-Feeling! It´s released at the fresh Rejected Netlabel, that was founded by Nuno Maltez in 2010. Support this young label and get your ass from the sofa. Click on Mr. Commodore above and he will sing for you. For free!

Thanks to O.B.S for bringing old memories back into my 80s-heart. God gives you 2/2 G-Sisterzzz for that! 

Retro 4 Life & Hail to Mr.Monitor!

Obs @ Myspace:
Obsolete TV Broadcast:
Rejected Home: