Friday, June 24, 2011

Monovfox - Meetings Along Night's Edge

Monovfox says about his own album, that the songs are pretty pretty. And, oh (Game) Boy, he is damn right. This is a 8-Bit-ish concept record about the night, the beautiful, noir side of it. "I love Nocturnes, they are so slow, every single song in this is a nocturne, I hope you enjoy them". Yes, I do, Mr Mono! Classic music in 8-Bit mode is pretty good.
The first track is difficult, because it's very experimental and raw, but that's good, he launches you into the sweet chiptune-melancholia of the second one. I love the beginning of the typical wobbling NES-sounds at 0:42, that is what I live for! Hear it! Hear it! Here:

Simple and godlike. Song number three is a soft killer, too. I love it so much. It could be one of the gentle night-soundtracks of the genius Minecraft-OST. I don't know much, but I know, that the Minecraft music is a bundle of heavenly sounds. Kudos!
The next two songs are a little bit more ruff. But the last one, Clair de Chiptune is a matchless piece of wonderful music. Rarely heard such sounds before. It could be played in the background at the FF7 scene, where Cloud and Tifa are meeting in the past at Nibelheim.

If something is reminding me of the Minecraft-music or scenes of Final Fantasy 7... it's a good indicator that something genius is going on here.

I want to use this review to say something about the feedback the visitors of this blog gave me and the presented artists until now: Shame on you! You only take, take and take. But you never give something back. These artists are giving you good music for free. You give nothing back. Monovfox, for example, created this great stuff not just for himself or for his dead computer data drive. It's for you. He want to share his genius with you. So enjoy it, for god's sake. And please write a positive comment. Otherwise he, and other brilliant musicians, will think, that no one is interested. And then he will shit on you. And that's right. Some of you are too blind to see, that an artist needs feedback and support. So you deserve a fat piece of stinky shit on your head. I'm sick of this inactivity of yours. It's a fuckin shame. Get your arse from the chair and bring life into this platform. Write a motherfuckin comment. The artists will check out the comments over here. For sure. Blogs like this are one of their life-spending organs. Can't you realize that? Even my motivation is not very high, if you don't support this damn blog. I don't want to write all this shit for thankless bastards. Give some energy back, otherwise this blog will die. Give some energy back, otherwise artists like Monovfox will quit their work. This is crazy shit. Do you want to buy your music? Is that your intention? Do you want to hear the satanic bitchboy Lady Gaga? What do you want? 

Keep the underground-scene alive. Show, that you are there. Thanks. Otherwise: Go to hell, and never visit this blog again. You are not welcome. Sorry.

Support Monovfox. He friggggggin deserves it.

Rating: 5/5 Little Dream-Masters for this awesome album.

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  1. I really love what Monovfox has done here. Not simply incorporating classical inspiration and classical techniques into his chipsound, but instead he is weaving a new organic style of music that is far greater than the sum of its parts. All in all a quite impressive work. Would love to hear more people showing the kind of originality that Monovfox has. Looking forward to a future release.

    (please don't shit on my head)

  2. Yeah. This is a cool comment. Your head will be shit-free, my brother. Hehe. ;)

  3. @GKG, thanks :D, I'm composing the piano for my next release (and a few more surprise instruments). Nice to hear someone likes my crap :)