Monday, June 20, 2011

Kimosabbe - Bad Vugum

Ok, my friends. I decided to open up a little netlabel-section here on GUFT. Perhaps some guys outta there want to release their output via this new underground-fortress. Hope you like the idea. Send me your stuff via! I wish us good luck, maybe the force with us. And here it is:
"When Kimosabbe were cut in half by stormy weather...bad vugum. Jesus wept and shat from his satellite cross orbiting man's hell every 666 minutes -- Fertilized by god scat the dismembered Kimocles mutated in their germination, like eyes on stalks and vines ready to viddy the end of the world."
Bad Vugum. The first official GUFT-record. And I don't know what I should write about it. This sickhead called The Blimp aka Crippledfonzzz sent it to me. I don't know why. I don't know anything. Perhaps this lunatic record switched off my 3D-braincells and morphed em into the next freaky dimension. It's a pretty heavy start for the label, because this is loony hillbilly-redneck-noise. But these banjo-picking psychopaths ate some colourful mushrooms - they reached spiritual in-correct enlightenment. They are multitating Shiva with drugged rumpus - because they are better than her! Oh man... end of the review.

In their own words: Recorded between 1995-2001 on dictaphone and 4-track in various attics surrounded by the highest concentration of psychiatric hospitals in europe...casio sk-1, free improvisation & disturbed folk for damaged gullivers.

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  1. Distortion of the distorted Cosmos...leading to...the.....LIGHT!

  2. Bless you God

    Bold & brave move putting this dark vugum out as your first release. I love these noises like the screaming children they are.

  3. Nice to know our crack chicken sound will be perforating more eardrums than originally intended. The artwork is of the next level.
    The human race is still not ready, but if you drink this poison now maybe our psycho Mad Max children will be!

    Good luck God.. Kimosabbe salute you.