Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - Be Like Water My Friends


I wander through the foggy woods of my own imagination. My naked body is covered with a coat of mist. After all this time I reached the door-less door. Am I really ready for this? For the No-Thing? Dreary firs watching my moves. Bulky frogs are sleeping in the underbrush - I can hear their silent screams. 
"Be like water, my friend. Be like water."
Forgotten cries and whispers are floating through the milky air. This is my end of the world. Life is just a dream. Just a foggy, illusional dream. The sounds of a dying engine are blending themselves with the humanoid noises, like a mechanical realm is dying. And, yes, it is, what it is. Everything dies. Screams, screams, screams, screams!
"Be like water, my friend. Be like water."
Villages are burning. People are living in my muddy body. Everything burns. Everyone dies. Multi-level horror scenarios inside my hiking corpse. Mechanical shrieks of a deceased matrix. Lovely brooks are transformed into blood-streams of Babylon. I can see dead whales at the edge of the brooks, their fat, rotten carcasses are singing a ghoulish melody...
"Be like water, my friend. Be like water."

It's all right. I am water. I am water. I am water. Flow with it. Just flow with everything. Everything is one. Creation is just an infinite ocean of power. I am power. I am power. I am power. Noise is all possibility. I am all possibility. I am all that is. Boundless. Immortal. The living death. I love the speaking firs, the burning villages and the whale-carcasses. They are showing me my real self. Thank you so much.


And, erm, yes. All points of the universe for you, Sean. :)


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