Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Subterrestrial - Conspiracy Music

Spiders are crawling over my hand. In the weak light of a candle I can see ugly ghosts, who are mocking me - they want my tormented soul. I show them the middle-finger and I snap the fuckin spiders against the wall. Weaving spiders come not here! And demons should go to their own shitty dimension! Go to hell. I want to hear music now. And I click...

But, damn, this record is the perfect soundtrack for a midnight-meal at the graveyard! Now there are hundreds of shimmy ghosts around me, and a big spider-gang is visiting my shocked face. A dramatic roar is shaking my chakra-system. Like a deep demon-voice the vibrating creature is dancing an occult, slow rhythm.
This is not what I wanted! Oh, hell, no! What is happening?
This record is dark, loomy stuff. But why?

Because our world is bloody dark!

Most of the people hate spiders. Most of the people don´t believe in demons.
But the sad truth is: Humanity is wrapped up in a big cobweb, and we are sucked out by hungry demons.
If you are brave enough to inhale these rough facts, you are ready to download this amazing trip to the dark side of the... world.

Subterrestrial makes Conspiracy Music, and I´m grateful for that. Tracks like The Bohemian Grove, Black Helicopters and Illuminati are covering important themes. Themes everybody should know about, because they are going on in front of our ignorant nose. Humanity: Wake up!

Rating: A great release, with lot of sensitivity for incredible atmospheres. I give 13/13 All-Seeing-Eye-Heads! Yeah! 

Conspiracy Music
Click on the pyramid to reach the enlightened Zip.File!

This album sounds like: Visiting Vlad Dracul´s lovely basement vault. Taking part of a secret Freemason-ceremony at full-moon. Drinking a cup of black tea at Angela Merkel´s creepy mansion, or drinking cow-blood instead of cherry-soda. 

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