Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Leechhead - Static Love Party

This is again nasty input for the noisy maniacs of us. I waked up this morning, and I just started to jump towards my laptop: "Let's hear Leechhead now! Let's hear Leechhead now!"
I'm such a dumb ass. This stuff tossed me directly into a field of scratchy frequencies, and I immediate puked my coffee on the keyboard. I discovered other releases of the leeching head Jake Price (what a cool name), and they were "normal" chiptune-modifications. But now this guy decided to make music that "was not created for your pleasure". Noise-heads will like it. It's good noise.
But it is 8 a clock in the morning! Now I got puke-balls and puke-juice on my damn laptop! Leechhead!!! You will pay for that, brother!

Some parts are pretty cool, I like the way samples and other elements were mutated into guitar-like sounds. And here and there you can find interesting moments of "mushy-meditation" - that is a status I sometimes experience by hearing records like this. You are just diving into the itchy spheres and inhale the immense beauty of polarity. The beauty of noise. The title X is one of this crazy candidates! Forget my vomit. This is a masterpiece. I bet you will see holographic angel-projections in your living-room, if you hear this nice song 333 times in a row. The Leechhead suckled my consciousness into the netherworld with this one. Bravo!

Hope we will hear new chimes by Mr. Price in the near future!

Rating: 2/2 Vampire end-bosses

This record smells like: Puke at parties, lightnings on your tongue, robot scat, worm-love, blood of beasts.


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