Friday, August 5, 2011

Nullsleep - Electric Heart Strike

The quality of this release is marvelous. No wonder, Nullsleep is one of the best known 8-Bit artists of this weird world. His live-shows are legendary. His albums, too. His Electric Heart Strike contains some glitchy, ruff tunes (Dirty ROM Dance Mix), fast, pumping space-race OSTs (Destination Tomorrow), happy, catchy melancholia-hymns (Ballistic Picnic - plz watch the live video on YT!) and a lazy, lovely opener (Her Lazer Light Eyes). The last two are larger-than-life. If you love 8-Bit music, and you don't know these evergreens yet... you are a cat with two legs. Get this album, hobbling rat! Just a joke. I can't force you towards your bliss.
That's all. Why I should write more? Ballistic Picnic and Her Lazer Light Eyes are perfect summaries of the lovely, godly 80s nintendo-feeling. When God says "perfect" he means PERFECT. Don't waste your time by going to work or by learning for your idiotic, close study. Take a special holiday now. Get your last dollars, buy tons of frozen pizza at your supermarket, wear your old Hero Turtles-pyjama, get your Nintendo Entertainment System out of your bloody basement. Hear this two songs. Eat pizza until your stomach is hurting. Hear this two songs. Smile. Life is easy. Your childhood was easy. Teleport yourself into the greatest era of your being. Nullsleep is THE soundtrack of your forgotten yesterdays. Pizza. Hero Turtles. Hot Pockets. Mario and his racoon-suit. This two songs. What do you need more? Be happy. You are a part of a great thing.

All my love goes out to Nullsleep. God is feeling your tunes, bro!

1/1 Hot Pocket with sunglasses for this record!

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