Wednesday, August 3, 2011

FuturNari - Another Unlikely Hero II

It's time to outing myself: God doesn't like "cool" stuff very much. If you send him your "cool" stuff, he will review it, yes, but the truth is, that he likes lovely music a lot more! There are many dudes in the chiptune-scene who are wanting to act like the cool guy, they are creating most of the time "aggressive" sounds, to show how tough and scabious they are. They are like the "hard metal dude" in your neighbourhood, who thinks Manowar are true warriors. No problem with that. It's Ok. But this shit can't touch God's infinite soul. God wants deep, spirit-touching input. Most of the pseudo-tuff chiptune-boys outta there want to act cool, because they are fearing Love. No problem with that. It's Ok. But FuturNari is not one of these lizards. Thanks to God. Thanks to myself!

This album could be one of my alltime-favourites. Strong melodies, a great sensitivity for creating retro-atmospheres and the ability to induce beautiful VGM-emotions. Another Unlikely Hero (II) saves you from boring, icy chiptunes. This record is for everyone, who loves the good old times, who don't like the modern age of cool- and coldness.
Just call for this super-hero, and he will be there for you:

1/1 smiling Chris Huelsbecks for you, Mr. Nari!
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A Campfire With FuturNari 

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