Friday, June 24, 2011

The Cult Of Penn - The Beast Of...

Oh my Self! I'm soaked in awe. This is such an amazing honour for me.

I've got the permission to publish this epic underground-record over here. This, Ladies and Gentleman, is The Cult Of Penn! I remember how I got in first contact with this amazing Band, when I found the clip of Only David Icke Can Save The World on Youtube. I thought: Oh man, what the hell... these guys must be little gods. I was blown away by their fresh and inspiring style. Also the other video-clips are crunched my pineal gland into tiny crystals. I was amazed by their skill to packing great messages into innovative rock-music.

I remember a quote of mine: "The Beatles are little babies compared to you, little babies who are sucking at Mama Matrix's tits". And, yes, let's shit, piss and puke on all the rock-bands outta there. Most of them, if not 99% of all, are shitty sissies. The Cult Of Penn was the new Super-Band for me. Because they name it all. This music is grabbing the dirty demon at his bastard-horns. This band thematized no silly shit like dumb love-affairs, young bitchy girls, alcohol, cool lifestyle bullshit or idiotic tragedies of their little lives. They talk about the real stuff that is going on in this crazy world.
Stop The Torture CIA, Lizard Gods, Weird World, U Think U Know, Ask Questions!, We R All Aliens! and Tony Bliar are wake up calls, clear and frontal in your face. No jabbering, no symbolism. Just: "Wake The Fuck Up. There is a conspiracy going on. The world is not what it seems to be."
I'm so happy about the existence of The Cult Of Penn. This is really special music. From special people. For special people, I guess. 

Robert Buckle, the front-man, sold some special DVDs+CDs at his own with the Best Of the band, called "The Beast Of...". But success stayed out. I think only 4-5 pieces were sold. After I commented on many of their videos, I became a friend of Robert. We created some music together, he played guitar on my The Great Variety Of All Possibility release. I also have fabricated the Cover-design of their Best Of, you can see it above. It was, and is, a giant honour for me to met these guys. And now I'm dared to release this underrated, sunken ship of coolness. The band dissolved after the fiasco of their release. Another example what happens, if people don't care about good music. But forget this. Now it's online at our GUFT-Label. So, let's celebrate this sensational, lovely masterpiece!

We are all black, we are all white. We are all wrong, we are all right.
We are all... Aliens!
We are all gay, we are straight. We are all love, we are all hate.
We are all... Aliens! 

Hail to Robert Buckle (Guitar), Lord Ciaran D'Arcy (Vocals) and Albert Apeman (Drums). I love you!

Download the Beast Of The Cult Of Penn here:

Check out many officials videos here:

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    Loving this one G. A real winner.