Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rent A Herö - Take A Look Out Of Your Window

After reviewing and releasing all this shady noise-scat over your heads, I got another shady gift for you: A carcass of my bloody basement. A forgotten piece of crap. Perhaps four people heard this record before you. Four people on this goddamn planet. If you download it, if you listen to it... you are a very special person. I present you an old side-project of mine: Rent A Herö. I shit on genre-descriptions, but I think this 10-minute-blast must be Powernoise, right? If not, shit on it. It's powerful noise. All right. A friend of mine is very passionate about music, and he asked me, if I recorded this EP in a studio or something. That's very funny. All my music was recorded in my crazy child's room. In several residences I screamed like a dying, fat pig. My neighbours always got respect. They thought I beat my mother to death. No... I just created noise. Sorry. Yeah, this record is interesting, because not many noise-artists I know are mixing screams into the sounds. And not many noise-artists I know are mixing slow, clean passages into the crash-trash. 

I never wanted to promote my own music here on this blog, but perhaps some of you are interested in it. Also this blog was created for reviews, but I think a net-label is a good support for some people outta there.

DL: [GUFT005]

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  1. Wow! The sound on this is really crisp and the percussion is spot on. Perfect blend of ambient & noise...definitely God-like.