Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Leechhead - Selftitled

Is it possibile to cut human bodies into pieces with acustic frequencies? I played the first released work of The Leechhead on my stereo-system some hours ago, loud, really loud. And then I heard a terrible scream in front of my opened window. I looked... and there she laid: my mailwoman was shredded into four friggin pieces! Or five? Let's say 4 1/2 pieces! Puke on my keyboard, a mangled postwoman. Leechhead! There will be a time, where you will be behind fuckin bars, my man. Be careful!

I'm proud. Why? This stuff was released first on Lo-fi Sci-fi Records as a limited edition cassette. Now we will present Leechy's debut online. You can find the file at our Label-section. Direct download here

Enjoy the harsh breathe of our mechanic universe. Zapp!

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