Friday, June 17, 2011

The Twilight Division - Dream Master


Lean back, start daydreaming and check out this underrated record. If you google for "The Twilight Division", you will only get 4-5 results. That's crazy. TTD released already three records on the Betamod Netlabel, but it seems to me, that nobody recognized this really. Nobody helped him to spread his great sounds. If you spend so many hours and days to create such a tender pack of music, you are tired. You release the stuff at a netlabel, and you hope people are supporting your work. You've done your part, now your "followers" should take action. Posting this stuff into a forum is no big deal. Send it forward to your friends is no big deal, too. But nobody did this shit for him. Even the comments on the netlabel page are a poor picture: Two comments for three records!? Holy shit.

What's going on with you? Posting a damn comment takes ten seconds. I think that many folks outta there are just deadened, lazy assholes, who are thinking good music falls from the sky. It's the over-stimulation we are facing in this modern world. Everywhere is damn music. Everywhere is damn art. Commercialized. Dead. It's not special anymore. It's fucked up, daily routine.
I'm a little bit angry about this. Why? The guy behind The Twilight Division pressed his damn soul into this Mp3-Files. You can feel it. Awesome, lovely, heart-juice soaked melodies vibrating on this undervalued album. Beautiful 8-Bit melodies on strong drums. Addiction makes you addicted. Submerged... wow! And The Climb ... PURE BEAUTY, TOO!

But nobody cherished this wonderful puddle of his friggin heart-blood.
Just for the info: The Twilight Divison is dead. Yes. TTD released no record since almost 4 years now.
Because you don't fuckin care!

I'm fuckin sad about this. Crazy world. Crazy, crazy world.
Perhaps this darn review changes anything. But I'm not sure... :-(


5/5 Heavy hearts, from me, for you.


  1. I lay down my sword and take on this next room of demons bare fisted in the name of Brian Amazing, aka The Twilight Division.

  2. This is the muttz-nutz!

    If you ever read this TTD...your tunes are fucking appreciated my man.

  3. Actually, he ended up making hip hop under the name Brian Green. And damn, does this shizz take me back.

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  5. Indeed. His name is Brian Green/Ritz/Unsound Mind/Gorilla Tao. He is a man of many faces.

    Show him love.

  6. Twilight Division on Youtube: