Monday, June 13, 2011

Obsolète Broadcast Système - Negociation

This digital bastard is an interesting negotiation: To speak about the goddamn stock market, solid beats are meeting retro-synthies for dinner. And, folks, it looks like a harsh crisis!

I don´t know why, but most of the parts of this record are reminding me playing Sim City on the Nintendo Entertainment System while eating salami-sandwiches.
The masterpiece The Other Revolution is already a classic for me, it´s like the Giana Sisters are dancing on the top of the Swiss Alps. Just brilliant. Give it a try. Retro-Feeling at its best.


There are only three tracks with 8 minutes overall playing-time. So don´t pussyfoot, download this record, and give yourself a quick shot of pure 80s-Computer-Feeling! It´s released at the fresh Rejected Netlabel, that was founded by Nuno Maltez in 2010. Support this young label and get your ass from the sofa. Click on Mr. Commodore above and he will sing for you. For free!

Thanks to O.B.S for bringing old memories back into my 80s-heart. God gives you 2/2 G-Sisterzzz for that! 

Retro 4 Life & Hail to Mr.Monitor!

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