Saturday, June 18, 2011

VF_DOS_ - Blue Shirts

Ok, I've just come back from a nice local, where I've drunk 3 delicious cocktails. I think it is time for the VF_DOS_ review now.

It's simple. It smells like New York City, like cafés at midnight. Modest Rock-Music!? Hmm, yes. Erm, no! Something is different with this record. It's special. The melodies are special. Everything is special. I love the cover, because it is... erm, special. Fuck AC/DC. Fuck Nickelback. I think Vin Forte is the smart, cool guy. This is just honest guitar-music with nice variety. Every track is unique and got an own atmosphere. Fresh baselines here and mellowing organs there. The music bears me away - into the godly night sky.
So, lets shit on all my words. Just download it. Upload it on your Mp3-player, and take a walk in the nocturnal streets of your damn town.

I never heard rock-music presented in such way before. Some melodies are even reminding me of old video-games: Black Gator for example. Winter In My Pocket is just cute melancholy. Union Square breaks out into a genius trumpet orchestra (or something like that). Dimetapp Dreams, yeah, it is the brilliant fellow for a walk in the nocturnal streets of your damn town. Dammit! I repeat myself.

Upload this cool record on your Mp3-player. Take a walk in the nocturnal streets of your damn town! Inhale enlightenment!
I repeat myself, right?

Cocktails are tasty.

VF_DOS_ is tasty, too. So don't be a fool, and enjoy this free music!

I spend 1/1 cup coffee for all of you. This will be a long night.
VF_DOS_ is with us.

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