Thursday, June 16, 2011

Genus Inkasso / Additiv - Split EP

Two guys from Germany are here to crash some windows, to make some loud damage: Because of their electric baseball-bats no postbox is safe - burn down this sinful city, it´s all lost anyway! SMASH!

Track 01, At The Heart Of The Terminal (this fits to this damn blog, right?), starts with some funky, slow part - only to end up in a chaotic mix of speedy, punching kicks, rugged noise and dashing snares. It´s pretty rich in variety, with lots of breaks and turnarounds. No monotonous noise here! Genus Inkasso got tricky fingers, everything is arranged in a slick manner. I don´t know, how many other records he got outta there, but this are real ripe, raw fruits we've got here. Great use of samples, by the way!
Track 02, It´s Expensive And It Can Kill You, by Additiv, begins with flipping, harsh noise, continues with innovative drumming and pumping brawling rhythms - I think the workers at the car compactor near my house have danced to this bunch of wild vibrations like short-circuited robots - and it ends with... flipping, harsh noise. Right! Cocaine is not cheap shit.
Track 03, A Very Slippery Slope, is the last track of Inkasso, and it is just an old, broken machine for ping-pong-balls. You can hear the screams of dying Japanese people here. It´s over with your sport, dudes. Industrial feeling. Spooky parts. Catchy cadences. A little pinch of AMZ. I love the last two minutes, can´t depict it really, please check it out yourself.
Track 04 is the last track. Tenderfuk shows the true genius of Additiv. Cold, sharp mechanical screams are visiting your stomach, wubble bobble kicks are shaking your anus. Diversified, ruthless. The break in the middle of the song is sheer amazing. You must hear this at your own.
Intelligent, elaborate noise, staged by a talented bloke. That´s all I can write.

Everybody who wants hard electro-music will like this record, and should promote this pile of din.

Rating: 4/4 Metal Mechs are yours!

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