Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Hamlet - The Forge

Who ever The Forge is (there are not many informations about him on the net, just an pretty "empty" bandcamp-page)... his debut is really, really interesting and unique. It begins with the cover-art: A medieval blacksmith is hammering on a NES-Console, the fonts are ancient. Dark age chiptunes? Damn right! It's curious to me, that there a nearly none fantasy/medievil-8-bit songs getting released. The Hamlet is filling this hole with moody middle-age driven stories. Light up dripping candles, put on your suit of armor, drink some goblet of mead and get lost in these wonderful VGM-Themes. 

And, yes, the whole thing sounds like the OST of:

There are just the cover, the music, the titles and YOU. Use the power of your imagination, this album is telling a tale. Close your eyes and get lost in the venturesome world of The Forge. These tracks would have managed it easily to get their deserved place on any RPG-NES-cartridge! No doubt.
The Burning Bridge, Mountain Ascent, Forest Outskirts, Fog Rising, Frozen Lake, The Valley - Every theme is a sphere of it's own. Don't miss this great adventure, if you are one of these guys who are loving wizards, bonfires, magical spells, the smell of wood and creepy castles.

6/6 sweet stone-faces are saying to you: Download it!

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