Monday, November 10, 2014

Disasteradio - Charisma

It's been a long time since I posted some godly stuff on this nice little page. Years went by ... and I discovered decent music here and there. Nice soundz. Yupp ... decent music. Yes ... nice. Decent. Music. Nice. Yes ... uh. It felt like there is nothing that can shock my socks anymore. This blog died.

Holy macaroni! You need some superpower to reanimate dead things in this sluggish part of the universe. To hit the freaking nail: Disasteradio is the magical man who revitalized my dead bloody body! I stumbled by accident into the cover you can see above. First thought: "Who is this pretty 80s boy ... this charismatic lovemachine ... this lovely slacker?". Instant download. Press play: You Win is the opener and the beginning is pure electro; tha baseline and tha clapzzz. And then ... a bright synthesizer appears, shining in your ugly face. The breaks in this song are amazing: everything is fluid and so we are gliding easily into the crazy refrain at 1:10. Luke Rowell is the name of this sexy synthie-beast. And he sings. Yes ... he sings like a fallen angel. In the middle of the song I already was amazed by the lighthearted vocals and melodies; also the professional sound impressed me. There is more to come ... the mindblowing solo at 2:30 ... sweet Moses! This guy is playing right from the heart. Goosebumps Time! Later I watched live videos of Disasteradio @ Youtube. Luke is pure retro-energy, a dancing package of 90s-nostalgia. There will be a new tour soon ... don't miss this, folks.

I could go on forever ... could write about every single track. Every one is a unique gem with his own feeling and drive. But one thing is for sure: All of em' are perfectly crafted. For me Disasteradio is the saviour of electro music. He is highly professional and innovative. He is funny. He is no faker - this guy LOVES the 80s / 90s - you can feel it in every base-drum and riff. I waited aeons for this; Charisma amazed me like no other record over the past years. Finally there is an artist with beautiful, catchy tunes that are inspired by oldschool computer music and the glorious time of our childhood ... with enough innovation, professionalism and charisma ... with humour and heart. I put all my hope into Mr. Rowell. If there is a future for electro-music ... then this is the man who does the job. Excuse my bad language - but fuck Nullsleep, Daft Punk or The Human League. Disasteradio is ready to take over the world ... a young nerd from New Zealand, who "wasted" his childhood on synthesisers and ALF. God bless him!

By the way ... my fascination doesn't stop here. Not only the music is epic ... wait ... let's write it like this: I love "space-bars". You know ... what is more amazing than the scenes of 'Star Wars', when Luke is visiting the Cantina? All the fantastic creatures. The whole atmosphere. Also the movie 'ARENA' (old Sci-Fi) was a joy. I love the genius 'Fallout'-videogames. I love 'The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy'. I love dolphins, who got their own religious cult! I love the 80s / 90s more than anything else. Now watch this:

Holy grandmother of GOD.  DOWNLOAD CHARISMA NOW!

 With ease this masterpiece gets TWELVE of TWELVE I'm-The-Baby-Buttons! YOU WIN!

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      Please tell him ... he must contact me. I miss him.